Cataract Island Pools

New Falls Excursion

An experience that will take you to the edge of  Zimbabwe’s magnificent Victoria Falls


A Natural Infinity Pool With Panoramic Views of The Falls

Immerse yourself

An excursion to Cataract Island Pools overlooking the abyss of the New Falls is a truly unrivalled experience that grants visitors the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring wonder of the famous Victoria Falls.

Whether you are looking for exhilarating thrills, or simply breathtaking scenery up close (and rare photographic opportunities), don’t miss out on a trip to Cataract Island Pools during your visit to Victoria Falls.

Visit Cataract Island Pools on the edge of the New Falls

unique geology of the new falls

Cataract Island is uniquely positioned where rushing waters are slowly carving a pathway northward, eroding the softer material behind the present basalt base of the Falls. In time, the Falls will move back, and a new gorge will form.

photographer’s playground

Visitors to Cataract Island Pools enjoy capturing photographs (and the occasional selfie) against the imposing, panoramic views of the Island. Visitors can take time to explore views of the Falls from all angles, and of course, take a dip in the infinity pool (if they dare) for that iconic, once-in-a-lifetime photo.

suitable for all levels of adventurers

Although the more intrepid traveller will enjoy the thrill of a splash in the natural infinity pool right on the edge of the Falls, there is plenty to enjoy for those who would prefer to keep their swimming activities to the calmer first pools.

Experience the Magic

“At Cataract Island you will marvel at the magnitude as well as delight in the details.”

The World’s Largest Sheet of Falling Water

Mystery & legend

Mosi-oa-Tunya – ‘The Smoke that Thunders’, as the locals call Victoria Falls, is a dramatic spectacle of falling water that stretches for nearly two kilometres. Lush rainforest and misty spray shroud this natural heritage site with an allure that draws visitors in to experience the magnificence of the Falls up close.

See for yourself

A first-hand experience of a visit to Cataract Island Pools is an unrivalled delight to the senses. Browse our gallery of images captured by past travellers.